Friday, 24 August 2012

Apologizing for Christianity

Activity here has been a little slow lately. I assure you I'm working on some things but hey, why not use this quiet period to check out something new?

My good friend Rolo from the states (you may remember him from his guest series) has started his own blog on Christian thought and apologetics. Definitely keep your eyes on it. He has some truly worthwhile and unique thoughts to share, plus the blog will be a decent spot for discussion on questions within Biblical scholarship (did the Biblical events really happen? Has the text been changed? Who wrote the Bible? What does it mean? etc) which I tend to leave aside given my more philosophical focus. Rolo's pretty handy on that stuff so go see what he has to say.

1 comment:

rolo said...

Thanks for the plug Martin! You leave me nothing more to add=). Also we really should skype soon, I miss the sound of your soothing British voice.