Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Opening up the blogosphere

I never really read any blogs before creating my own. Now my google reader has a healthy dose of subscriptions that prolong my well-meaning "I'll just check facebook" sessions on the net. Until recently the blogroll here has been dedicated to sources on Christian apologetics/philosophy but now there's two I'd like to plug that extend the topic horizon.

5p3nc3 - http://5p3nc3.wordpress.com/  

My housemate Spence is an absolute class-A legend. He's also mentally disturbed which ought to result in social dysfunction, but for some strange God-endowed reason in Spence this results in the ability to spew the most logically unconnected utterances together into a strained communion of mirth and puzzlement. It's "random" with all the punch that word carried before it became an over used cover-up for bland eccentricity. Anyhoo, at some point Spence's mind spilt out all over the internet and ever since he's received pleas begging him to at least sweep it all up into one place. He's finally obliged and I think the outcome deserves a least a timid glance.

Christian Union Blog - http://christianunions.blogspot.com/

Anyone who's read my Relay updates will know that I'm heavily involved with Christian Unions, which are student-led groups that exist to give university folks the chance to hear about Jesus and make up their mind about him. Luke oversees the support of the CUs in the patch I work in and he's started a blog for news about what the CUs in the area are doing and for articles on evangelism and discipleship in a student context. He's got a few years of both student work and journalism behind him so it should be a quality read. Check it, yo.       

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