Monday, 14 February 2011

Is Christianity ugly?

The series on God's policy of communication is at a close, so time for something new. Something quite new in fact. Time to look at the beauty of Christianity. Or at least, time to ask the question, is it beatiful? Or is it instead ugly, repulsive, diseased, sickly, repressive, something that taints and chokes, rather than frees and releases life? Reflection on this matter has been inspired largely by discussing it with my Relay supervisor, Luke and by hearing him deliver talks on the subject.

I ask you now, whether you are a Christian or non-Christian, do you think Christianity is beautiful? How do you think your attitude towards it would change if you thought it was?

If you think it ugly I ask you to reflect on what I'll be sharing in the next few entries. I can sympathise. I think there are many ugly Christianities out there. Many utterly sickening, heart-wrenchingly gross Christianities. But I'm convinced the ugly ones aren't the real deal. It is like a beautiful portrait has had ink careless dashed across it from all directions, obscuring the true spectacle. I hope that in the next few entries some of the murkiness will be cleared away, and what will be underneath will draw your gaze and stop your breath.


Joel said...

Great topic!

My honest opinion - it's a big ol' bloated beast trampling over lots of people. But I'm convinced the Gospel, the 'real deal', is still moving out there, however much that overlaps with / looks like our major models of Christianity today

Martin said...

I don't think you're far wrong there =)