Wednesday, 10 November 2010

God now talks to us like he did to Adam?

We're continuing our look at whether the Bible teaches us that God regularly talks to us in ways outside of his written word. This series kicked off over here. Right now we're looking at arguments put forward to support the view that God does talk to us in this way, to see whether they hold up to examination.

One argument I've heard for this view is that God seemed to talk to Adam conversationally in the garden of Eden, and since Christians partake in the renewal of creation according to God's original intended plan, we should be talking and listening to God conversationally now.

But it ain't that easy

First of all it isn't clear what exactly the conversational relationship between Adam and Eve and God looked like. While God does seem to talk to them directly Genesis doesn't give any descriptions of how this happened. We can't just read ideas of "listening to that small inner voice" or "waiting for the Spirit's promptings" into the text when they aren't there. There is no prescription for that sort of thing in Genesis.

Secondly, the Bible teaches that God's renewed creation is not here in its fullness yet. We have some parts of it now, and some parts will come later when Jesus returns. For instance we still have disease and death. We depend on Bible passages describing the nature of the life of believers in this age to tell us what is present and what is to come. The advocate of the "regular special communication" view needs to provide passages that tell us that conversational communication between us and God is a part of renewed creation now and not just later.
Next we'll look at specific passages that are said to support the view of "regular special communication."  


Anonymous said...

I would like to know more about which passages in the bible refer to the conversations between god and adam and eve as I find it very intriguing. If you could find some quotations which refer to the conversations that would very helpful to me thank you

Martin said...

Hey there.

Really you just want to read Genesis chapters 2-4. Here's a link to start reading it =)