Tuesday, 21 September 2010

What's going on this year?

I've not been particularly blog-busy during the latter parts of Summer. And I thought I'd let you in on one of the reasons why that is so.

This academic year just beginning I will taking part in a discipleship training program called 'Relay'. The program is ran by UCCF the Christian charity that supports Christian Unions in the UK - groups of Christian students on university campuses seeking to give every non-Christian student the chance to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

During my three years at Staffordshire University I was actively involved in the Christian Union, serving on the committee leadership team for one of those years, hosting events, and co-leading Bible studies for skeptics while I sought to intelligently share my faith with my friends with honesty and integrity. I got a lot of things wrong during my three years as a student, but I also learnt a great deal about leadership and about God's underserved love for me and my friends.

The Relay program is in place to allow graduates to work with their university for a year after they graduate to pass on what they've learnt to the younger students as well as to continue growing in Christ-like character and leadership qualities themselves. I will be meeting with students in small groups to encourage them in their faith and to study the Bible with them. I will be giving talks at some Christian Union events, something I'm very keen to do and I have plans to start a regular workshop group to help equip Christians to think through and answer the objections to their faith that are common in the university environment. The aim is to invest in people who then in turn go on to invest in others.

During this time I'll be attending various UCCF conferences to aid me in serving the students better (it was because I attending two of these at the end of August and start of September that I haven't been very active in the online world). I also have some of my own study to be getting on with! I have some core modules to study on various aspects of central Christian theology and then some elective study where I can choose a topic of my choice to research.

This entire year is voluntary work. I shan't be getting paid for it, nor can I get a job on the side as this is a full-time commitment. Hence I'm relying on people partnering with me throughout the year to support me financially and in prayer. I've been blessed with a number of partners already though I currently don't yet have enough income to get through the year! I'd really appreciate it if you could think about whether you'd be able to give between £5-20 a month to help me live. If you'd like to sponsor me please download the sponsor form over here. And tell me that you have so I can make sure you're updated with what I'm getting up to.

If you can't support me financially please still pray for me and my work this year. I'd really appreciate that and I'd love to keeep you updated too.

Much love,


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